Safe Zones

Henson Construction Services, Inc., & Envirosafe Solutions of America have teamed up to bring you our latest product called “Safe Zones”. Henson Construction Services, Inc., has years of experience building FEMA 361 Safe Rooms in the United States. These FEMA 361 Safe Rooms are capable of withstanding 250 MPH (E-F5 Tornado) winds, as well as flying debris or “missiles” (as defined by FEMA) traveling up to 100 MPH anywhere on the structure. After completing several of these projects we knew there had to be a more cost effective and faster way to provide these Safe Rooms to our clients and that’s when “Safe Zones” were born. With decades of construction experience, and with the help of a Tennessee Licensed Engineer, we have developed a way to convert shipping containers into fully functional spaces that will meet and exceed FEMA 361 requirements. Why shipping containers? The use of these containers is environmentally friendly. Typically the containers only make a few trips across seas & highways before being discarded. Once deemed unusable they are either placed in a scrap yard for years or melted down for the raw steel material. This process uses large amounts of energy that can be saved by re-purposing/re-using the container. There is no denying that using these containers is very cost effective. The shape, structure, strength, & versatility of these shipping containers make construction easier and faster, which in turn cuts costs. Some “Safe Zone” applications include and are certainly are not limited to:

  • New Office Space
  • Additional Bedrooms
  • Restrooms
  • Playrooms/Man Cave
  • Conference Room
  • Storage Rooms for irreplaceable items such as vintage automobiles.
  • Theater Room
  • Home Office
  • Wine Cellar

The possibilities are endless! Please feel free to call us for more information or set up a time to come see our models!

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