Trenton Rosenwald Middle School Project was completed in 2000.
This was a 67,000 s.f. facility with a Budget of $5,350,000
(Total capital cost including all fees & furnishings).
This New School Project was completed 11 months after HCS completed
an extensive Value Engineering Process that cut almost $1 Million from the original Design.

This Project was also presented to the Trenton School Board…
On Time and Under Budget!

“As is the case with most school boards, we were ‘green’ when it came to knowing what to look for when selecting a construction manager for our project. We had to depend on reputation and ‘gut feelings’ to help us in our select. We selected Henson Construction Services which in hindsight proved to be a wise move. Not only is Mr. Henson extremely knowledgeable and capable, he is very easy to work with. He was able, through value engineering to reduce our project costs by over one million dollars without sacrificing the quality of our project.”

Larry J. Ridings